We are excited that you are interested in Muhlenberg College! Each year, we welcome students from around the world who bring unique experiences, cultures, and perspectives to our community. 

In our admissions process, we consider each individual application carefully, thoroughly and with a “whole person” context. Every application is important to us because each member of our community contributes to our special culture of diversity, curiosity, and connectedness. We look forward to reading your application, learning about your interests and goals, and considering how Muhlenberg can help you achieve your full intellectual and personal potential!

How to Apply

Your admissions application will be complete and ready for review once you have completed and submitted all items on our checklist:

  • Common ­Application
  • School report with a counselor recommendation
  • Teacher recommendation from a core academic subject
  • Standardized test results*
  • A copy of your passport photo page
  • Certification of Finances, which is available in the Student Application Portal.

All application materials must be in English and submitted through Common Application or directly to Muhlenberg at international@wilmingtonhop.com. Transcripts must include the original stamp or seal of the school. Electronic copies must be submitted in PDF format. Please note that the Certification of Finances and passport photo are required to complete your application file.

Standardized Test Scores

Beginning with the 2020 - 2021 admissions cycle, Muhlenberg will adopt a test-optional policy for international students. Students who choose to apply without test scores will be required to either interview with a member of our admissions team or submit an interview through InitialView

If you wish to be considered for one of our academic partnerships, then you are required to submit standardized test scores. Students who wish to have their standardized test scores considered in the admissions process may submit one of the following options:

You may submit copies of score reports by email to international@wilmingtonhop.com or through the testing agency by indicating Muhlenberg College reporting codes:

SAT: 2424
ACT: 3640
TOEFL: 2424
IELTS: Contact testing center directly
Duolingo: Send scores directly from your account

Admissions Deadlines

  • Early Decision I - November 15
  • Early Decision II - February 1
  • Regular Decision - February 1

Early Decision:

If you are applying early decision, then you are required to submit the ED Supplement Form found on Common Application along with your other materials. If you would like to convert your Regular Decision application to Early Decision, please contact us. Please note that we evaluate the applications from both rounds of early decision in the same way; there is no difference between applying ED I or ED II.

Admissions Interviews

Admissions interviews are required of students who choose to apply through our test-optional policy. Generally, we strongly encourage all international applicants to interview so we can get to know you better. We offer online appointments via Skype, Zoom, and WeChat, as well as in-person interviews in our travel regions and on our campus. Interviews are required for transfer students and for students applying to one of Muhlenberg’s academic partnerships.

To schedule your interview with a member of our admissions team, please register here.

International applicants are also welcome to provide us with an InitialView interview if you are planning to participate in one as part of your college application plans. If you are going to participate in an InitialView interview, please do so by February 1, 2022.


Please direct all other inquiries to

International Admissions Office

Address Muhlenberg College Admissions 2400 Chew Street Allentown, PA 18104